Best iPad Apps for Kids of March 2013

Welcome to our monthly Top 5 iPad Apps for Kids! This list includes the best iPad apps for kids tested and reviewed throughout March 2013. If an app made a wonderful impression on us — game­play, edu­ca­tional value, graphics, audio, and price were all considered — you will find it listed below in alphabetical order. If you missed one of these family-friendly apps, here is your chance to download them for you and your little ones:

1. Birds & Bees Connection: Girls Part 1

best ipad apps for kids

While a girl goes through puberty and adolescence a lot of questions can arise. Birds & Bees Connection: Girls Part 1 offers straightforward, simple answers to some potential difficult to explain questions and helps improve the mother-daughter relationaship. Read more about Birds & Bees Connection: Girls Part 1

2. I Love Mountains

best ipad apps for kids

I Love Mountains is an interactive science app for children aged 4 and up that will teach the little ones interesting facts about mountains. Together with Sloan the little girl who loves mountains, children will learn about the different types of mountains (volcanoes, dome mountains, fold mountains, fault block mountains) and how our planet creates them. Read more about I Love Mountains

3. iLuv Drawing Dinosaurs HD

best ipad apps for kids

iLuv Drawing Dinosaurs HD is an adorable app that teaches children how do draw by providing easy step-by-step instructions. With 20 funny dinosaurs to draw, color, and decorate, plus the possibility to create your own creature, this app will boost your child’s creativity and artistic skills.Read more about iLuv Drawing Dinosaurs HD

4. Moomin and the Lost Belongings

best ipad apps for kids

Moomin and the Lost Belongings is a story about a little troll called Moomin, who is white, roundish, and looks like a hippo. As he takes a walk through Moominvalley he meets its residents who are in need of finding their lost belongings. Read more about Moomin and the Lost Belongings

5. Nighty Night! HD

best ipad apps for kids

If you are looking for an iPad bedtime book to get your kids to sleep, then Nighty Night! HD is the perfect app for the job. With incredible animations, soothing lullaby music, and professional narration (that can be turned off if you wish to tell the story yourself), Nighty Night! HD will get your small ones to sleep in no time. Read more about Nighty Night! HD co-founder

Author: Issam Ali – co-founder of Issam graduated with a master’s degree in Journalism and Communication Sciences. Being passionate about writing and gaming, writing reviews is his favorite thing. Read more about Top Kids Apps team.
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