Hill Climb Racing: Addictive Physics-based Driving Game

Download Hill Climb Racing

Price: Free

Download Hill Climb Racing

Price: Free


Today’s Best Free App of the Day – Hill Climb Racing – is a free physics-based racing game for kids over 9 years and adults alike. This driving game combines an endless running game with racing. You start each round from the same spot, and you have to drive your car as far as you can. Collect coins for later upgrades and gas cans. Sounds easy, but believe me it’s not! Your car is as wobbely as jelly and the terrain is full of hills and bridges. It takes skill to gently balance your car using the acceleration and brake pedals. Just try not to roll over or you’ll have to start again.

The controls feel strange and funny up until you buy your first upgrades. You can upgrade your engine, suspensions, tires and 4WD, and boy does it make a difference! You’ll be delighted to find that each upgrade really has an effect on how the car feels and responds. The game becomes quite addictive as you improve your car and start making some progress. The visuals and soundtrack are nothing fabulous, but they really go along with the rest of the game.

Hill Climb Racing can be downloaded for free on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running iOS 4.3 or later. This racing game is also available for the Android devices, and has been downloaded by millions of players all over the world.

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Update:: This app was included in our Top 5 Android Apps of November

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