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The Opposites is a wonderful word learning game focused on antonyms. The game is centered around two kids, a brother and his sister. Siblings are bound to fight so it just makes the perfect set-up for this game. Standing face to face before a wall full of photos with their moments of rivalry, each will take turns and pronounce a word. The words float up in bubbles and you’ll have to match the opposites before the room gets filled. Tilting the device will have a small influence on the bubbles but it’s enough to give you a little help when the room gets cramped. The game starts at level 1 with simple word opposites such as go-stop, top-bottom, on-off, and ends at level 10 with more abstract words rooted in biology, medicine, economics and other fields. Each level has a dictionary with all the included words nicely organized into two columns. Except for some rare moments when the screen gets filled with words with no pairs and the long loading screens, the Opposites is an excellent word game for kids age 6 and above.

The Opposites can be downloaded for free for a limited time only on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, and it requires iOS 3.1 or later. Be sure not to miss our Best Free App of the Day!

The Opposites | Free Kids GameThe Opposites | Word Learning Apps

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