Top 10 Best Free iPad Apps for Kids

best free ipad apps for kids
Six months have gone by since we’ve been featuring the Best Free App of the Day for iOS on our website, and in this time we have tested hundreds of apps for kids. We’ve decided to pick the Top 10 Best Free iPad Apps for Kids and list them for you to download and enjoy. Here they are, in alphabetical order. Some are purely about fun; others are more weighted towards math and language-learning; and others empower the little ones to create and explore. This list is intended to help parents find the best free iPad apps for kids, not only released by famous gaming studios but also by the best independent developers. The list will be constantly updated so that it will always feature the best free iPad apps for kids that we will be testing.
We’ve done our best to only include apps that are permanently free, but sometimes developers change the price without any notice. Please leave a comment below if you find an app that’s no longer free.

1. Bedtime Math

best free ipad apps for kids
Bedtime Math is a math app for both children (5+) and adults, with the aim to turn math problems into a fun and educational experience. The app focuses on mental math, and brings a new math problem every day. There were over 400 math exercises added up until now for the whole family to try! more about Bedtime Math on Top Kids Apps

2. Futaba

top 10 free ipad apps

Futaba is a fantastic multiplayer game for children and a fun way to learn new words. Up to four players can compete in a friendly competition to earn seedlings (Futabas). It plays like a board game, as you have to place the iPad on a table. In the center of the screen a random image of an object will start to spin. more about Futaba on Top Kids Apps

3. Hands-On Equations Level 1

best free ipad apps for kids

Before reviewing Hands-On Equations 1 Lite, let’s take a look at what’s behind this free algebra app for children. Hands-On Equations is a supplementary program developed by Dr. Henry Borenson who teaches students in grades 3-9 to solve linear equations through a visual and kinesthetic approach. Using a balance scale, pawns and number cubes more about Hands-On Equations on Top Kids Apps

4. I Love Mountains

best free ipad apps for kids
I Love Mountains is an interactive science app for children aged 4 and up that will teach the little ones interesting facts about mountains. Together with Sloan the little girl who loves mountains, children will learn about the different types of mountains (volcanoes, dome mountains, fold mountains, fault block mountains) and how our planet creates them. more about I Love Mountains on Top Kids Apps

5. Leo’s Pad Appisode 1

best free ipad apps for kids

Leo’s Pad is the first appisode of an interactive, animated story, designed especially for preschoolers by Stanford University education experts in collaboration with award-winning storytellers and animators. It is the perfect educational app that will keep the little ones entertained and directly involved into the story more about Leo’s Pad on Top Kids Apps

6. Live Puzzle! Forest Animals!

best free iPad apps for kids
Today’s Best Free App of the Day is a jigsaw puzzle app for kids that includes twelve free animated puzzles inspired by Kipling’s Jungle Book characters. Children will have a blast putting together fun animated scenes featuring adorable forest animals. more about Live Puzzle on Top Kids Apps

7. Match Blitz

top free ipad apps

Match Blitz is a free multiplayer matching game for all ages which improves visual perception and concentration. Up to four players can enjoy this app on the same device. Each player gets a set of different objects on his side of the screen, but only one object can be found within all the sets. more about Match Blitz on Top Kids Apps

8. Memollow

Best free iPad apps for kids

Memollow is a memory match game for children aged 2-6 years old. With charming visuals, motivational audio and cute graphics, Memollow is an adorable game for the little ones which will help improve their cognitive skills. more about Memollow on Top Kids Apps

9. Play 123

best free ipad apps for kids

Play 123 is a wonderful educational app for toddlers and preschoolers. This app includes 10 fun activities which will stimulate your kids’ sight and hearing, while learning the basics of colors, numbers and shapes. more about Play 123 on Top Kids Apps

10. The Electric Company Party Game

Best free ipad apps for kids

The Electric Company Party Game: Lost on Prankster Planet by Sesame Workshop is based on the TV show with the same name by PBS Kids, and is an interactive board game for kids aged 6 to 9 years that will teach them how to cooperate, debate, think, act and problem-solve. more about The Electric Company on Top Kids Apps
Do you have other free quality apps that might enter our Top 10 Free iPad Apps for Kids? Leave a comment below. Looking for more FREE iPad apps for kids? Take a look at Top 10 PBS KIDS Games. co-founder

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